What we do

Pre-production Pack

The pre-production pack is a simple and easy to use website that allows filmmakers to start creating a community or audience during pre-production. This includes the use of video and social media tools as well as key-image design.

In pre-production? Contact us today for some ideas. It's never too soon to start.

Key Image & Identity Design

Bespoke Web Development

Print Design

Social Media Strategy

Widgets and Apps

Content Maintenance Systems

Distribution Pack

This package is for films that have finished production and are entering festivals with a view to getting distributors or embarking on self-distribution. The package supports the entire lifecycle of a film from fesival awards, theatrical, semi-theatrical, community screening , TX through to long-tail DVD and download sales.

Just finishing production? Get in touch to see how we can support the next phase of your film.

Technical Solutions:

Concrete 5.0

Cisco EOS


Web TV platform

Widget platform

Campaign / Community Pack

Films that have a social change message or require a specific fan community require a different set of tools. This package allows filmmakers to start building a community around the film right from pre-production and supports the growth and impact of the film right through to outreach projects and distribution.

Planning a social change film? Talk to us about our experience with outreach and communities.